Our Why

LAVOAGE began as a passion for learning about and celebrating cultures from around the world, and grew into an approach to skincare that seeks out and shares the beauty of different cultures.

Our customers go by many names – Jet Setters, Weekenders, Frequent Fliers, Globetrotters, Virtual Vagabonds, Citizens of the World.

We create skincare products for people who embrace a shared global bond, for those who love and respect a kaleidoscope of perspectives all at once.

LAVOAGE is made for people who truly love the world and who simply and urgently need to be immersed in it to thrive.

We travel the globe to discover ingredients and skincare methods that invite a deep appreciation for the unique experiences and perspectives of their origin. 

We believe that no matter where we live or what languages we speak, we can best discover what we love about each other by exploring and embracing our differences. Beauty is all around us. 

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