Commitment to Animals, Always

One of the many wonders of immersing in the world is getting to know animals in new ways. To see or bond with an animal – in real life – that you know may go extinct, or whose home is burning down, is truly heartbreaking. But it is also the best way to ignite change. We’re vegan and cruelty free, but we also seek out first hand experiences with animals to fuel our passion for change.

“It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” – Asian Proverb

First-hand experiences are inspiring. They have the remarkable ability to light a fire in our hearts to use our power for good… to take action… to make a difference. They show us both our opportunity and our responsibility to blaze trails that will yield a brighter future for the diverse population of this great planet.

Consistent progress, one step at a time, adds up to big results.

At LAVOAGE, we go beyond banning animal testing to working on animal sanctuaries and sending loved ones to do the same. We believe that full immersion is the best way to develop a clear and lasting drive to protect endangered species from extinction.

“The world is changed by your example, not your opinion.” – Paulo Coelho

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