Zanzibar, Africa: Seaweed and Flash Mask

I became obsessed with seaweed while on a month-long trip through Africa. We spent a week in Zanzibar where I saw women transforming their lives, along with the local economy, by creating seaweed farms. Seaweed liberated them, altering the balance of power that had previously kept women locked away from exploring the world, or even from leaving their homes unless it was to visit the doctor or sick relatives. 

I’ve since used seaweed in many of my formulas, like the Kelsen Pomade. One of my favorite brands that is totally dedicated to seaweed is Osea. They use vitamin and mineral enriched seaweed in almost all their products, and I just love the Black Algae Flash Mask for a deeply exfoliating and delightfully luxurious facial treatment at home.

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