Morocco, Africa: Neroli and Kahina Giving Beauty

Between a trip to our labs in Milan (working on new skincare formulas for Furtuna Skin), and a trip to Ireland to visit my mom (she’s an expat), I met a couple girlfriends in Morocco for an extended spa weekend. That was the first time I experienced a Hammam body treatment. When I tell you my mind was blown, I mean it. My body has never (and I do mean never-ever) felt as good as it did that day and for at least two weeks following. 

After a thorough, multi-staged scrubbing process using a mitt, black soap, and rhassoul clay, the therapists leave you to steam while covered in argan oil blended with Moroccan rose petal and neroli essential oils. The Kahina Giving Beauty body products make me feel like I never left. 

The best part about Kahina (in addition to their gorgeous products) is that they support women’s cooperatives in the Berber mountains. I met with several of the women from those co-ops on our trip, and learned a great deal about how they grind kernels, press oils, and prevent oxidation before they transform their oils into delightfully effective products. I also met with some of the more commercial farmers who supply argan oil in mass to the global conglomerate brands. My preference is definitely to support the multi-generational argan oil processing methods that help Berber communities thrive in Morocco’s Atlas mountains. Thank you Kahina!

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